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Then something  T o o k i s h  woke up inside him …

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you know that one celebrity who just makes you so inexplicably happy and has changed your life so much aND YOU JUST WANT TO SAY “THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXISTENCE” BUT INSTEAD YOU JUST REBLOG ANOTHER FIVE PHOTOSETS OF THEIR FACE


ohsofili asked: bilbo or frodo? 

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Last time I saw him, he was in the courtyard at Winterfell. He said, “Next time I see you, you’ll be all in black.”

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Jack Shephard has done what he came to this place to do. He has found his purpose. He has found love. And been loved. And he has finally found a way to love himself. The bamboo sways across the bleu sky. And Jack Shephard’s eye closes one final time. He is gone.

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when you accidently read a spoiler


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make me choose #2
-> bearpolarh asked; minas tirith or rivendell?

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